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We have both the 60x30 and the 48x30 sizes in stock with chips on the edges like you see on the back edges of the one in the picture.  THIS WILL BE COVERED UP BY YOUR TILE OR SHOWER WALL SET.  Still, many people will reject them and return them to the store.  And that's why we can sell them at a discount.  


60x30  $60

48x30  $50

The competition sells them for $199 and $179.

What's it going to take to get you in a tub today?

Tubs with scratches, dings, dents, chips  $38

Big dent: $38

Little tiny porcelain scratch: still $38

There are a couple of different inexpensive kits available for porcelain repair.  We'll show you which one is the best.  It's pretty easy to fix those scratches.

This photo is an example:  your looking at the back of the tub.  The dark spot is about one square inch of missing porcelain.  No dent.  $38.

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